About Us

As we move up, technical skills just aren’t enough. Success depends more and more on relationship skill – how well we build good relationships with peers, superiors, subordinates, groups, teams, customers, suppliers, investors and a multitude of others.

Ever since we were fully aware of the acute need of this special skill – NETWORKING – a group of us NETWORKERS sat down to plan on sharing this skill on a more structured manner. Pooling our expertise, resources and most importantly experiences, we came up with a real-time, fun yet very relevant set of modules on Networking Skills.[/col2]

Our team comprises of Entrepreneurs who not only believe in the vast untapped power of Networking, but are serious Networkers ourselves, meaning we continuously hone our networking skills at various events. We do not confine ourselves to certain events or certain age brackets, as we fully understand we have to build our network before we need it. Also, we can’t predict who can bring our future success.

To date we have successfully trained more than 500 people to become confident and smart Networkers.

A check every now and then reveals they are much healthier and happier too as a result of more contacts transformed into profitable relationships.