Almost a Twitter Party at our Paying It Forward Session

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9 February 2011

In a true world cafe style, conversations and cross conversations overlapping one topic on another, we went through our 3rd session of Paying It Forward comfortably. We left PappaRich Bangsar feeling truly satiated with Twitter, the new communication tool. Ohh those 140 character limit had an impact to the world, to people above 35 and of course to 11 of us yesterday, then to Dr Murly too. Mac, iPad, some laptopless ‘hugging’ around in the strong spirit of giving and receiving, munching, talking and getting to know one another.

ERP, prawn-farming, cartel and anything except mickey mouse hampers; all these phrases were thrown in the air, jostling to get our kind attention. I was just truly elated.

Our awesome mosome tech advisor Mr Hakimism led us on a whirlwind journey to Twitterville with pound signs, hashtags and Lists that kept us all “ooo”ing and “ahhh”ing. He created that “Wow!” opening when he told us he has 12 Twitter accounts, no wonder he’s destined to be our tech guru!

Hakim continued to almost beg us to ‘pajak’ our name even if we are not interested to set foot on Twitter-land just yet. He’s got a major point when he said “You don’t want to lose your name when you actually need it whenever, and well since it’s also free”. And to do just that, checking the availability of your name across major social media – something like 200 odd – you can breeze through

Hakim also answered important questions posted by Masitah as to the difference between Twitter and SMS (Masitah will give the answer to those not in the session)

We now know RT and # and a few more stuff like Fong Fei Kei (very important for all those distressed ticket owners).We also know direct messages and shorten URL. You saw Nashwah‘s applying them already in her latest post about the types of Twitterers in PIF just only.

We dwelled into another concern affecting mostly baby boomers… what do you tweet about? Can you see the pattern here? The questions posted are all safe, within the regulations kinda question when the world has changed its rule to “Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be”. No wonder we were having such a hilarious time learning during the session! Old world order clashing with new world vocab and mindset.

The values of this learning went beyond the technicalities of ‘doing’ twitter. We also discussed the etiquette of it like how often should one tweet, when’s the best time to tweet and the underlying psychology behind social media technology like the law of association and the power and recognition of being the first to share fresh news, all peppered with real-life Malaysian examples

And myself, the fact that we were engaged in a particular topic at face-to-face level, slurping curry mee, sipping kopi cham, all REAL-TIME with some of the coolest people with paying it forward attitude, is just sheer bliss, truly mental spa!

Thanks again Mr Hakimism! Thanks for sharing the awesome CNY Youtube and thanks for introducing

See you guys sometime in Twitterville!


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