Hi-Tea Dialogue with YB Datuk Mukhriz at MITI

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I bluntly said no at first. Simply because I don’t gatecrash any event. Still my date insisted I was going to be her chosen partner. I obliged with a disclaimer, “Do tell Tengku Faizwa (the successful organiser of MYFREN conference and this particular event) that I’m passed the age limit of young entrepreneurs.” And as fate intended, there I was, sitting at the spacious newly renovated hall of Dewan Zamrud on Level 16 Bangunan MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) last thursday. The event is a post gathering from the much acclaimed MYFREN conference, a platform that gathers and celebrate young entrepreneurs. By ‘young’ I meant 20 to 40 years of age.

Already there, two young people at the table we headed and boy aren’t we glad, me and my partner to discover they, Bernard and Zhen from Youth Works Asia are a bunch of brilliant and dynamic entrepreneurs. And friendly too. We learned so much from the casual banters we shared while waiting for Datuk Mukhriz, the Deputy Minister to emerge into the room at 4pm sharp. I now know how to download those lovable Korean videos, thanks to maaduu.com, info courtesy of Zhen from Youth Works Asia.

A good one hour of getting to know the people at our table was indeed a blessing! The cold, heavydownpour outside the old MITI building was contrary to the warm, casual atmosphere inside Dewan Zamrud. We were accompanied by Puan Hindun, the Head of Domestic Division of MIDA who while commenting on how nice the pulut hitam was, was equally sharing about the new policy, the famous ETP with us. She was very engaging, so too the rest of us. Yes… making me feel at home among the scaringly many very young people there.

Then the much awaited speech. In his usual casual manner, smile and all, Datuk Mukhriz enlightened us about ETP.He was smart in getting our attention, by asking questions off course from the floor. And the casual and friendly mood was set further. He shared with us the ‘short’ evolution of ETP and how the culture is transformed from a brief one to two page report by Ministry about a particular policy to a whole ’3 feet deep’ well researched report. (Honestly this is the best part of the speech for me as I feel in order to have sustainability to solution, things must be well thought, well researched, so the policy can remain usable at least 20-30 years down the road and not confusing anyone in the process of its implementation).

I believe his approach to the Dialogue, to the Hi Tea was the main reason attendees were literally queeing up to either ask question and or to give insights.All very powerful and very helpful for entrepreneurs indeed.

It turned out to be not only a dialogue session. For me, it was a bigger, better understanding on the biggest and most dynamic segment of our population, the youth. We can truly learn so much from their intelligence, dynamism and sheer energy. A good networking effort that week for me and my company.

And its a good antidote to old age too:)

I’m all for cross-generational networking:)

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